Company Profile

PT Citradata Indonusa is a company engaged in the field of construction project data information services throughout Indonesia. Established since 1988 and became the first pioneers in Indonesia to introduce services information provider of construction project data to the perpetrators of the construction business. Information data is presented in the form of a magazine 'CITRADATA "published every month. Every day the survey team visits and interviews with the designers of construction (consultant), the owner / developer, the contractor and the survey directly into the field.

In the economic crisis of 1997-1998, when the construction market was collapsing, CITRADATA still exist and consistent in presenting information to customers although the quantity was not as much as it was before the crisis.

At first, CITRADATA only presents approximately 50 new projects every month. Along with the development of the construction market and increased demand for data information project, in 2002 "CITRADATA" develop some products according to customer requirements. Including accelerating the delivery of information via e-mail that is sent every week as well as the latest progress in the field (Project Progress Report).

CITRADATA also develop research and data analysis construction projects in Indonesia and its development, the results are presented in the form SUPPLEMENTARY Project Report. Research and analysis is also made based on the request of others.

To reinforce the existence and consistency in improving service to customers, in 2010 CITRADATAmeluncurkan website as technological innovation in the delivery of the project to the customer information data with the aim of achieving efficiency of time because the data will be faster, timely and reliable.


  • Vision 

A resource center, the largest construction project data and comprehensive in Indonesia


  • Mission

Providing information that is accurate construction project data and up to date (actual) that can be used by all parties (government and private).Helps connect businesses of construction, such as suppliers, manufacturers and distributors of building materials to the designer (consultant), the owner / developer and construction project implementers (contractors).