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Providing construction development projects information of small scale up to large scale throughout Indonesia, both government and private sector projects. Information data is presented according to the stages of the project and classified by categories / function of the building. With limits / criteria for the number of floors 1 floors, spacious buildings 200 sqm / unit, scope of work includes a new building, fitting out and renovation. The data includes the name and address of the project, the owner / developer, consultants, contractors and technical specifications of the project.

Stages of the project include:

·         Planning

All the projects are still in the planning stages. Activities include: feasibility study, masterplan design, proposal design, schematic design, tender drawings, construction design, design development / detailed engineering design (DED), tender consultant.

·         Post Tender

All projects are in the preliminary stage to the tender announcement. Stages include: the preparation of tender documents, purchase tender documents, aanwizjing (job explanation meeting attended by representatives of the contractor), submission of bids, clarification of the tender, the tender negotiations until the appointment of the winning bidder, but the project has not been running.

·         Piling Work

All projects are in progress in the field of land up to the maturation stage of foundation work.

·         Under Construction

All projects are in the stage of progress in the field ranging from employment structure (after the foundation work completed) as well as the work down to basement finishing work.

·         Final Project

All projects progress in its field in the final stages of completion of construction work of the project (approximately three months before the handover to the owner / developer)

·         Hold Project

All project construction work is still pending.



Categories / building functions include:

·       Hotel

Hotel/Resort, Bungalow, Cottage, Villa, Hostel/Motel/Inn

·       Apartment

    Apartment, Condominium/Condotel, Low Rise Apartment

·       Office

Dept/State Office, Public Office, BUMN/BUMD Office, Private Office, Rent Office, TV Station, Embassy, Banks

·       Shopping Center

  Plaza/Dept. Store, Mall, Hypermarket, Trade Centre, Supermarket/Modern Market.

·       Shop House

    Shop House, Traditional Market/Stand/Kiosk, Book Store, Mini Market

·       Education

    College & Facility, Schools, Education & Research Center (Public & Private)

·       Community

 Worshop Place, Dormitory, Guest House, Libraries, Auditorium/Meeting/Exhibition Hall, Building Parks, Prison, Etc….

·       Health

    Hospital & Facility, Laboratorium, Local Government Clinic/Medical Center

·       Real Estate

    Real Estate, Cluster

·       Residential

    Town House, Private Housing

·       Recreation

  Sport Centre, Club House, Café/Restaurant, Museum/Gallery, City Garden, Water Park/Boom, Sporting Stadium, Etc…..

·       Factory

    Plant/Factory, Warehouse, Show Room/Workshop, Industrial Estate

·       Infrastructure


  Harbour/Port, Airport, Power Plant/Power Station, SPBU, Transportation Terminal, Station, Etc…..







 Project Information Services

All categories / function building projects throughout Indonesia both public and private projects



 High & Commercial Building

Category for Highrise and Commercial Building such as Hotel, Apartemen, Office Tower, Shopping Center, including non-commercial buildings category (Public Office, Hospital, Education) with a minimum of 6 floor



 Middle Project

Small and Medium Project scale in Indonesia both private and government projects, with criteria number of floors 1-5 floors, the building area of 200 - 5.000 sqm / unit, scope of work includes a new building, fitting out and renovation.



 Industrial Project

Project Category for Factory (Factory, Warehouse, Showroom) dan Infrastructure (Airport, Port/Harbour, Dam/Reservoir, Power Plant, Bridge, etc) in Indonesia both government and private projects



East Indonesian Project

All categories of projects in Eastern Indonesia (Central Java, DI . Yogyakarta , East Java , Kalimantan , Sulawesi , West Papua , Papua , Bali , Maluku , North Maluku , West Nusa Tenggara , East Nusa Tenggara) projects both government and private projects



Mega Province Project

All categories of projects in Greater Jakarta, West Java and Banten projects both government and private projects



Other Province Project

All categories of projects in all province in Sumatera and Bangka Belitung (NAD, North Sumatera, West Sumatera, , projects both government and private projects





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